Most people, when they hear the word innovation, think of the latest Apple product or some other technological breakthrough, but innovation is much more. If a small company decides to sell insurance on the Internet, this is innovation. A new way of doing things.

We have changed the way language services are organized. Before we started there were translation companies, some run by translators, that offered interpreter teams for conferences. Separately from them, there existed equipment providers. Under the old system, the conference organizer orders interpreters from a translation agency and, separately, equipment from an equipment company.

Then some equipment companies started offering interpreters to complement their equipment package. Being technicians by trade and mentality, these companies throw together teams of interpreters with convenience and cost as their only considerations. They have no way of judging whether an interpreter is good or not.

In short, translation companies don't offer equipment and equipment companies offer either no interpreters or mostly not the right ones.

Another aspect of the situation is that equipment companies have an investment in their equipment. Good or bad, outdated or not, suitable for the particular conference or not, they are stuck with what they have in the warehouse and sell what they have. They tend to use the same one-size-fits-all approach for all conferences.

This old system is inconvenient for the client, who has to deal with two suppliers. It is inflexible because everyone sells what they have even if more suitable equipment is available. Interpreters, hired and managed by technicians, feel like appendages to equipment, arbitrarily selected and not understood.

To remedy this situation, we became, and to a large extent still are, the first and only interpreter-provider offering interpreters and equipment in one seamless package. We are not married to a particular technology, but put together the newest and most appropriate equipment exactly for your event. This permits us to provide perfectly selected and fine-tuned packages of conference language services at a cost much below what others can afford.

But the main thing, the thing that makes or breaks a conference, is the interpreters, the language experts in the booth, by whose voices, knowledge and creative expertise the success of the entire event will be determined and judged. During our thirty years in business we have worked with most of the best interpreters in the world and organized conferences large and small in cities from Astana to Anchorage. We select the right interpreters for the job. Often we can provide local talent, saving on airfares, hotels, and per diem. Sometimes some of the interpreters have to be brought from other cities. This depends on location.

We also give special attention to using smart, experienced technicians.

As a result, we are able to provide a much higher level of conference interpretation at a significantly lower cost. This is innovation. As such, it is often not understood. Clients ask: "How can you provide better quality for less?"

Now you know.